About us

Experience and innovation over decades

Since its foundation in 1982, Signe has specialized in the design and development of document security solutions, designing and producing documents – both in paper and digital formats – that are protected against potential counterfeiting and fraudulent modifications. Today, with 40 years of experience, we are a benchmark in the industry at a European level and increasingly on a global scale. On one hand, this is due to our commitment to R&D and continuous investment in cutting-edge technology, and on the other hand, because we apply strict quality controls in each of our products and services and have highly reputable professionals. Additionally, Signe maintains business alliances and research agreements with prominent universities and technology development companies.

All of this is to ensure our clients have the most advanced solutions in document and digital security.


  • Vision

    To be the leading global family-owned company in document and technological security, recognised in the market as a model of diligence in applying the highest standards of quality, reliability and innovation in work and projects undertaken to achieve its business objectives.

  • Mission

    To build trust among our clients, employees, and shareholders by providing document and technological security products and services based onour corporate values.

  • Values

    Intergenerational solidarity
    Social responsibility


Countries with headquarters

Countries with commercial presence

Signe Group Companies

Focused on the printing of security documents for companies, financial & academic institutions and official bodies. As an Accredited Trusted Electronic Services Provider, Signe is also authorised to issue digital certificates for proffesionals, graduates, individuals, private entities and public institutions as well as develop electronic signature solutions.

Signe Group’s Blockchain company specialized in digital transformation and technology-based digitalization solutions. It enables companies, regardless of their size or sector, to digitalize their processes through enabling technologies (Blockchain, Cloud, IoT…) and technological solutions that can be immediately implemented to enhance the quality and reliability of their products or services.

From the alliance between Thomas Greg and Signe, two leaders in security document printing and new technologies, Thomas Signe emerges as a company focused on the development of electronic signature and Blockchain-based technological solutions within the LATAM region. The company operates in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.


Signe Foundation emerges as a result of a solid business trajectory and an organizational culture committed both to our country and our society.

Its objective is to improve the quality of life of individuals through projects that promote equal opportunities in education, professional development, and employment, as well as inclusive values necessary for the construction of an evolved society. Signe Foundation promotes access to education for individuals or groups with unfavorable economic situations who face difficulties in furthering their education or accessing the job market; It also encourages and facilities research and development of programs that may improve the socio-cultural environment. For more information visit:


We, in Signe’s Management Systems Department, work on internal management and the ongoing improvement of our production processes as well as reducing risks, in line with the highest standards and quality controls accredited by Spain’s standards body, AENOR. As a result, we have obtained the following quality certificates

Management system Certificates