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  • SINBOX – Electronic signature platform

    The function of Signe’s electronic signature platform is to replace the traditional signature with the digital signature, offering a web interface both for uploading the documents that are required to be signed electronically, and for defining the flow of signatures (establishing those responsible for the bodies of the entities that sign the document and in what order) and the signature itself..

    It is an electronic signature platform that facilitates the management of documents pending signing, providing them with a signature and approval workflow, allowing the visualization, electronic signature, validation and custody of all types of documents in electronic format.

    This web solution “like an email client” organizes the electronic signature agenda of the members of an organization thanks to the notification and planning of the expiration of the documents to be signed, being a telematic alternative to the traditional signature holder.





    The Platform has several work modules through which users can:

    Loading documents,
    Management of signatures and consultation of pending tasks,
    Complex document signature workflows
    Signature flow management,
    Users Management.
    Time stamp service
    Mobile App