Certification practices and policies

Law 59/2003, of 19th December, regarding Electronic Signatures obliges Certification Service Providers that issue recognised certificates to perform permanent protection and management of the electronic certificates they issue.

The details of this management should be included in the so-called Certification Practice Statement or CPS, which specifies the conditions which apply to the application, issuing, use, discontinuation and extinction of the validity of the electronic certificates. In addition to the general characteristics established in the CPS, at Signe we describe each type of certificate we issue in a document called Certificate Policy or CP, which gathers the specific characteristics of the certificate.

At Signe we offer you the General Conditions of Contract, which govern the purchases of any of our certificates.
To these, we must add the Particular Conditions of Contract that are reflected in the contract signed between the client and Signe.

At Signe Subordinate Certification Firm of Firmaprofesional we comply with the strictest security measures, following the guidelines set by ISO 27001.

Previous Certification Practices and Policies (with current certificates):