Certificación Electronica Signe

Electronic certificates

Just as if dealing with a document of identification, electronic certificates enable identifying both natural and legal persons for a variety of electronic transactions:
They can be used to securely sign and encrypt any kind of electronic document including electronic mail messages.

The certificate links the person to a certain attribute or datum, which in the case of Signe CA refers to the eTítulo, the official qualification of the title bearer of the certificate.

With eTítulo you can obtain the first electronic academic qualification certificate which will allow you to perform telematic transactions for signing curriculums, electronic registration processes, reports, projects, designs, creations, credentials, and countless transactions for which accrediting your qualification is indispensable.

Types of certificates

1.Recognized personal certificates:  These are personal certificates recognized in accordance with Law 59/2003 on electronic signature that enable telematically identifying the SUBSCRIBER as the holder of a certain academic qualification.

· Degree Holder Certificate.

2. Recognized corporate certificates: are certificates that are recognized according to Law 59/2003 on electronic signature whose Subscriber is a Corporation (whether a company, an organization, a professional guild or a Public Administration):

· Corporate Natural Person Certificate: These are recognized certificates for natural persons that identify the subscriber as being linked to a certain organization, either as an employee, an associate, collaborator, client or supplier.

3. Recognized certificates for the Public Administrations: Are electronic certificates issued according to the requirements set out in Law 11/2007, on Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services.

· Certificate of Stamp of Publicly Governed Administration, Body or Entity: These are certificates for computer devices, programmes or applications dedicated to signing in the name of the body in electronic signature systems for automatic administrative procedures.