Certificación Electronica Signe

We developed a new concept of university qualification: the authentic electronics copy of the official degree.

It is a new model, adapted to the current needs of university degree holders, which is revolutionizing the world of university certification.

eTítulo incorporates all of the telematic procedures to implement the official university qualification in electronic format with all of the legal features inherent in the conventional degree on paper.

eTítulo sees the birth of a new concept of modernity in the development of professional relations and the mobility of university graduates. In addition, a new Portal is born, the graduate portal through which graduates may:

  • Obtain as many authentic electronics copies of your degree as you require.
  • Testify, without any doubt, as to their status of degree holder before companies, bodies, authorities and employers.
  • Become a member of a professional association, with no need for travelling.
  • Get access to official state examinations.
  • Get access to Master’s degree studies.
  • Accredit the authenticity of your degree on employment portals.


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad Internacional de Catalunya
Universidad Abat Oliva
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Universidad de Burgos
Universidad de Almería
Universidad de Salamanca
Universidad de Extremadura
Universidad Internacional de la Rioja
Universidad Complutense