Certificación Electronica Signe

Electronic certification

As a Certification Authority, Signe is authorised to issue digital certificates to degree holders, individuals, private entities and public institutions. And in order to assure comprehensive safe-keeping of our clients’ documents, we have cutting-edge electronic storage systems.

We issue documents on digital media, signed electronically, that fulfil the same guarantees of inviolability as offered by our printed documents. eTítulo.

We offer integral solutions for the electronic submission and registration of official documents, in which paper is substituted by new technologies.

We issue certificates with advanced electronic signature.

Certificaciones WebTrust

Signe has been awarded the WebTrust for Certification Authorities seal, which guarantees the conformity of its practices and controls with the WebTrust Criteria and Principles. Signe is also officially approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and is recognised by Microsoft and Adobe.