Laboratory of documentary and forensic analysis


At Signe we have a Documentary and Forensic Analysis Laboratory made up of a team of first-rate scientists, developing and perfecting anti-fraud techniques that allow us to offer the most advanced document security products, in addition to consultancy services, expert analysis and training.

Areas of action


  • Authenticity of signatures and manuscripts
  • Authorship Determination
  • Ink Spectroscopy
  • Typed Texts
  • Media exam: papers, polymers
  • Analysis of surface finishes


  • Public documents: deeds, contracts, etc.
  • Identity documents: passports, driving licenses, etc.
  • Accreditation documents: titles, diplomas …
  • Banknotes and payment systems: credit and debit cards, promissory notes, traveller’s checks, etc.


Specialty courses, both in person and on-line, in subjects related to document security: analysis of signatures and manuscripts, examination and verification of documents, security for bank employees. Laboratory with state-of-the-art technology for the practical training of expert courses.


We provide technical advice on: Document security: diagnosis and design of protection systems against counterfeiting and/or fraudulent modification, protection of trademarks, interpretation of expert opinions, online consultation on documentary counterfeits, counter-aperitings by forensic analysis, determination of the real value of the evidence of conviction, advice on the feasibility of expert opinions.