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Signe is a trusted and accredited service provider with the eIDAS Certificate of electronic identification and trust services. (eIDAS Regulation 910/2014/EC – a single standardised regulation which applies to all European Union member states and which provides a legal framework for accepting electronic identities and signatures).

In addition, Signe is approved by the Ministry of Industry and is recognised by Microsoft and Adobe.

A Kit of test certificates can be requested by contacting our technical team at the following address


Certificate Revocation List


The Certificate Revocation List (CRL) can be downloaded from the following link. This CRL includes the serial numbers of all of the certificates that have been revoked. It expires after 1 week and is updated each time a certificate is revoked.

In addition, a List of Revoked Certification Authorities is also published. This CRL is valid for 6 months. The revocation of a Certification Authority is a very special case so this CRL is only updated in exceptional circumstances.

Root certificates enable electronic signatures generated with Signe’s certificates to be validated. For this, it is necessary to have Firmaprofesional’s CA Root certificate and Signe’s Subordinate CA certificate installed, which you can download at the following links.