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    Signe Foundation

    FROM 2014

    The Foundation, the result of a solid business trajectory and our commitment to society, was set up by the Signe Business Group in 2014.


    Improve people’s quality of life through projects that promote equal training, professional and employment opportunities developed society.


    Help and promote access to training and knowledge of those people or groups that are economically disadvantaged, and/or have difficulty accessing them, to promote their subsequent employment or continuity of their academic training.

    Promote and facilitate research, development and creation of programmes that improve the social and cultural area, collaborating in technological transfer that encourages progress both in the public and private sectors.

    Support awareness-raising initiatives and the inclusion of all the people who make up our society, through projects related to art and diversity.


    Education, human development and equality.

    Fundación Signe, closely related to our country’s education sector, has among its main objectives, to provide support and resources to programmes that seek equality in terms of education opportunities.

    The principle of Equal Opportunities for all citizens is a fundamental element of the political, social and economic construction of our societies.



    Fundación Signe prepares the annual accounts in accordance with the General Accounting Plan for Non-profit Entities, which are subject to external audit and approved by the Board of Trustees.

    Integration and Talent

    It is necessary to offer all our young people the same opportunities for training and personal development, to build a country that has talent. We consider the need to recognise the talent of people with functional diversity in order to build a richer, more aware and inclusive society




    Since 2016, through a collaborative agreement, we have been providing the necessary technology so that Palmyra Teatro, a pioneering company in artistic and social integration with diverse abilities, could present shows adapted for all types of audiences.

    In this last year of 2023, the National Dance Company has joined this collaboration, incorporating the technology of our agreement and the advice of Palmyra Teatro and CESyA, to make their creations accessible to all audiences.

    The technology we contribute to this project enables attention to diversity among the audience with hearing, sensory, visual, intellectual, and physical disabilities. This represents a firm intention to make dance and theater accessible through resources such as audio-description for people with visual disabilities, as well as the service of a magnetic loop and amplified sound for people with hearing disabilities.

    Before the audio-described performances, there is an opportunity to have a tactile tour to explore the universe of the stage space and its textures through models, as well as the tips and fabrics of the characters’ costumes.

    Social Action


    We continue to cooperate hand in hand with the Juanjo Torrejón Foundation, in its programs to enhance the autonomy of people who are unemployed or seeking better employment, promoting their ability to achieve labor and economic stability.

    The active job search of individuals in socially vulnerable situations becomes one of the priority actions, constantly adapting and improving. This is something the Juanjo Torrejón Foundation addresses through pathways such as: Information and advice, resume creation, Information Technology workshops, job interview preparation, workshops on procedures and management. All of this is delivered through social workers, volunteers, and career counselors.



    We are excited to start our collaboration with Agora’s Revolution, an association focused on adolescent care, with a broad and comprehensive vision of education in both formal (academic) and non-formal (leisure and free time, social skills development, and sense of belonging) contexts.

    The main goal of the project is to provide academic support to adolescents who are studying secondary school, basic vocational training, middle grade, or high school. Additionally, within the socio-educational character of the association, workshops, educational talks, and excursions are conducted. The structure of this association is horizontal, with the assembly being the governing body, thus promoting the autonomy of the youth and their motivation to become agents of societal change and evolution.


    The Figures

    hours of employment
    training for people
    without resources.

    accessible theatre and
    dance shows.
    niversity grants
    for young people without
    multi-sensory rooms
    for children

    Projects with history

    Since the Foundation began its journey, we have been contributing to the
    improvement of the life of people and society through various projects.


    Hand in hand with the social enterprise Specialisterne, a campaign was carried out in the university environment, aimed at achieving a better understanding of the characteristics of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, specifically, Asperger’s Syndrome. The objective of this campaign was to provide tools to teachers, thus contributing to the socio-labor insertion of these individuals.

    Additionally, the Signe Foundation has maintained two scholarships within the Specialisterne Training Program, thus training two individuals affected by Asperger’s Syndrome. In the same vein, we have hired a person with ASD in our SIGNE production plant, who is now part of our workforce, and we contributed to the success of the Specialisterne Diversity Workshop on social media. The great challenge of which is to achieve and continue to scale its objectives to promote this inclusion.


    During the years 2016 and 2017, we invested in the equipment of multi-sensory classrooms and educational materials for children with functional diversity, at the Association of Parents and Mothers of People with Disabilities, who have a long history of care and work for this collective.


    The Signe Foundation granted scholarships for the study to 7 young people during the years 2018-2020, located in different parts of Spain. These students pursued university degrees such as Law and Computer Engineering. Additionally, all seven scholarship recipients successfully completed their years of corresponding training. It is very satisfying for the people behind the Signe Foundation to contribute to the education of our youth. This action was supervised by SOS Children’s Villages.