Root certificates


Root certificates enable electronic signatures generated with Signe’s certificates to be validated. For this, Firmaprofesional’s CA Root certificate and Signe’s CA Subordinate certificate must be installed.

If you want to know Signe’s Certificate Hierarchy in more detail, we recommend you look at our Certification Practice Statement (CPS).

Below is the information regarding CA Root Certificates:


CN: Firmaprofesional Certification Authority CIF (Tax ID) A62634068
Hash SHA1: ‎0BBE C227 2249 CB39 AADB 355C 53E3 8CAE 78FF B6FE
Valid from 23rd September 2014 until 5th May 2036
Key length RSA 4096 bits-SHA256

CRL: Certificate Revocation List


CN = SIGNE Certification Authority
Hash SHA1: ‎E6B5 2B5D 52E5 CDE9 862A C1DE 668E C953 AD36 59BD
Valid from 29th July 2015 until 31st December 2030
Key length RSA 2048 bits-SHA256

CRL: Certificate Revocation List