How do I install my certificate on Firefox?

For Firefox to recognise the certificate stored on a card or Token, you need to configure it.

  1. Access the Tools menu, Options.
  2. Select the Advanced option.
  3. Within the Advanced option, select the Encrypted tab.
  4. In the encrypted tab, click the “Security Devices” button.
  5. Within Security Devices you should load a new module. To load a new module, click on the “Load” button.
  6. Once you have clicked on the “Load” button, you should name the module, click on the “Examine” button and look for one of the following files (they are different depending on the type of card):

If you are in Windows:

  1. c:/windows/system32/aetpkss1.dll
  2.  c:/windows/system32/bit4idpki.dll

If you are in Linux

  1. usr/lib/
  2. usr/lib/libbit4idpki.dll

Once loaded, accept, close Firefox and open it again.