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    03 May 2024


    Since 2016, through a collaborative agreement, we have been providing the necessary technology so that Palmyra Teatro, a pioneering company in artistic and social integration with diverse abilities, could present shows adapted for all types of audiences.

    In this last year of 2023, the National Dance Company has joined this collaboration, incorporating the technology of our agreement and the advice of Palmyra Teatro and CESyA, to make their creations accessible to all audiences.

    The technology we contribute to this project enables attention to diversity among the audience with hearing, sensory, visual, intellectual, and physical disabilities. This represents a firm intention to make dance and theater accessible through resources such as audio-description for people with visual disabilities, as well as the service of a magnetic loop and amplified sound for people with hearing disabilities.

    Before the audio-described performances, there is an opportunity to have a tactile tour to explore the universe of the stage space and its textures through models, as well as the tips and fabrics of the characters’ costumes.