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    We advise companies and institutions in the implementation of specific solutions which generate value, through the use of the most disruptive technologies.

    We follow a strategy of creating sustained value around an offer of the global management of the client’s needs, from consultancy, to project development, integration and implementation of solutions.

    Tailored solutions


      We support and accompany your technical teams in the analysis and identification of opportunities


      We develop the best solution and support the technical team in the development of the projects


      Our experience in different cases of use developed by our team of consultants enables us to develop the best solution


      We prepare and convey knowledge to the technical teams to guarantee the good working and progress of the projects.

    Our innovative drive and constant investment in R+D make Signe a leading company in the application of security solutions in the widest sense of the word. Our value isn’t just in developing tailored models, but also in strategic consulting, thanks to the high level of experience of or consultancy team in different sectors and markets.