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    At Signe, we promote and manage collaborative research in the area of production for the design and development of solutions based on technological innovation, and tailored to companies and institutions. Our solutions use the most innovative technologies – such as Blockchain, IoT and AI – that guarantee the traceability and safety of products in digital environments.

    We enable companies, no matter what size or industry, to digitalise their processes using enabling technologies (Blockchain, Cloud, IoT…) and technology solutions that can be immediately implemented to improve the quality and reliability of their products and services.



    Online signature platform using Blockchain technology

    Sign your documents and projects with whoever you want, and from wherever you want, with full legal validity, and forget about having to sign in person. URUK means you can solve your signing needs within any professional environment. Electronic certification, timestamping, blockchain and biometric signature.

    The main feature of URUK is that it is a Platform As A Service and does not depend on ad-hoc client installations.


    Traceability Services Platform using Blockchain technology.

    Connect your business to the world.
    An Out-of-the-Box, Blockchain-based platform, powering the trusted traceability experience.
    Gouze allows the connection of the productive means in integrated supply chains, generating new distribution channels and more efficient digital customer service. Learn the history, location and trajectory of a product throughout the entire value chain.
    Because a connected world is only possible when it’s accessible to everyone and allows for the transfer of information of any product or service efficiently, reliably and accurately.


    QUALIF-ID. Qualified Digital Identity.

    We have taken a step forward and given legal recognition to individuals’ and companies’ identities who operate under Blockchain-based solutions. And we have created QUALIF_ID for them.

    What is it?  Q_ID merges electronic signatures with Blockchain’s Digital Identity, combining the traceability and immutability of Blockchain and the legal recognition of an electronic signature.